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nFocus carried out a comprehensive health check review to see how the requirements of a large Welsh Government sponsored body, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) were impacted by quality assurance and test practices.

By hearing and taking on their input, nFocus ensured that their needs were fully understood and integrated into our approach. We gained insights into their challenges and aspirations. We thoroughly documented their feedback, taking note of their points and desired outcomes. 

As we progressed further, we continuously sought NRW's feedback to support our findings and recommendations. Regular meetings were held to ensure that we were on the right track. 

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This allowed us to fine-tune our method and implement changes over time. 

We made sure that NRW felt heard and understood throughout the entire process and their input played a crucial role in shaping our approach. This collaborative partnership fostered a sense of trust and confidence between our teams. Download the case study now to read NRW’s feedback about their experiences. 

Learn more about how our attentive listening and collaborative approach to NRW's feedback contributed to the success of their quality assurance and testing initiatives. Contact nFocus today and let's work together to deliver solutions that meet your organisation's needs. Learn more about our health check services here