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Helping organisations understand the changes necessary to realise the benefits of agile without compromising on quality or delivery schedules. There are a multitude of challenges for organisations and teams to ensure software meets the required quality levels.

By updating testing and quality assurance practices, there are huge benefits that can be realised.

Delivering software in smaller, highly prioritised work packages maximises the value to the customer in the shortest time possible. However, this way of working creates new difficulties such as customer expectations changing, difficulties with new technologies, new requirements and changing priorities all on a regular basis. All of which present challenges to testing and quality assurance.

This iterative way of working presents a real challenge when it comes to regression testing


Not only do teams need to test the new functionality from the latest sprint but they also need to test previous sprints. Test automation is the only real solution but is problematic in smaller project teams with less testing resource.

nFocus can underpin agile in a variety of ways. Having worked with hundreds of organisations we understand the changes necessary to ensure testing and quality assurance achieve business objectives. Download the white paper to find out the benefits: 

  • How Agile can increase productivity
  • How Agile can improve software quality
  • How you can respond more rapidly to market demand
  • How to reduce costs
  • Agile vs Scrum

"Agile development in its simplest form, offers a manageable framework which helps teams maintain a.." [Download to read more...]