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This white paper explores the common factors that cause test automation projects to fail or not meet their intended objectives. It also explains the top six things nFocus recommend ensuring success such as setting your test automation strategy, carrying out a health check review, consultancy/ managed services methods and many more. 

Everyone knows creating and maintaining test automation strategy is difficult. This white paper addresses this obstacle head-on, offering guidance and expertise to steer through common barriers. Whether you’ve got an existing framework that has fallen into disrepair, your team are unable to maintain and update your existing regression pack or key resources have left leaving you questioning your approach. 

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Our automation testing services will help identify the right way forward for your organisation.

To avoid the common pitfalls, we can help businesses to save money and reduce the maintenance headache of test automation through a world-class managed service, ensuring long-term success and maximising return on investment.

Don't let your test automation projects fall short of their potential. Download our white paper today and gain invaluable recommendations to drive success in test automation.

"Automated regression testing is not easy, it takes the right strategy and planning to give you a fighting chance of getting it right..." [Download to read more…]