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How-to Guide - Test Practice Cards

Are you looking to mature the understanding of testing within your organisation, improve software quality or looking for an event for a remote team meeting?

If so, Test Practice Cards might hold the answer!

Test Practice Cards are a set of digital or physical cards. Each card contains a succinct, pithy sentence with regards to a single aspect of testing.

Together, the cards contain the essence of what ‘Good Test Practice’ looks like in your organisation.

The purpose of Test Practice Cards is to produce a set of short statements that embody the principals to be applied to all projects that testers are involved in.

Using Test Practice Cards help you:

  • determine the maturity of your testing practice
  • highlight and prioritise areas that need to be developed
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This asset will take you through the steps needed to create your own. 

What makes them particularly powerful is that, they are built around your practice, the way you do things (or at least, the way you want to do things).

This can be a fantastic team building exercise and an excellent way of communicating a shared understanding of what your organisation’s testing is all about.

Having produced the core card set, this can be added to over time either through further team exercises or through individual submissions.