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Want to read our primary research with 160 IT Leaders?

Download our infographic detailing primary research of 160 IT Leaders.

We’ve noticed that many organisations are struggling to hire SDETs and having completed their interview questions, they’re finding there are a very small amount of candidates suitable for the role.

Building robust test automation has always been difficult but in recent year, it has been compounded by a scarcity of skills. To understand this further, we interviewed 160 Senior IT decision makers.

The research found that organisations are finding it difficult to recruit technical testers and that more worryingly still, only 32% of organisations have testers that could code.

This suggests that the pool of appropriately skilled people to recruit from is small.

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With 75% of the companies we spoke to working in an iterative methodology, the need for strong Automation Testers is growing and there is not enough of them out there to meet the demand.

We have implemented our SDET Academy to bridge the shortfall in the marketplace for SDETs.We are selecting the best and brightest graduates and developing them into SDETs through our specifically designed technical testing bootcamp.

Once graduated, they’re ready for immediate placement to help businesses accelerate their automated testing efforts. Want to find out more? Get in touch with us...