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MMU - Manchester Metropolitan University sought the expertise of nFocus. Find out how nFocus successfully provided digital assurance to MMU's Student Journey Digital Transformation Programme through an outsourced testing service.

nFocus collaborated closely with MMU stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of the programme's objectives, scope and priorities. 

In this case study, we will cover:

  • An overview of the programme.
  • The approach to quality assurance.
  • Best practice applied including functional testing, test automation, performance testing and UAT.
  • ... and plenty more!

Andrew Kemp, Transformation Director, Manchester Metropolitan University: “nFocus have been our test partner throughout the journey. They adapted to the HE sector and its challenges and to the complexity and diversity of this large cross cutting initiative...

MMU case study

...They have supported us in all aspects of testing and felt like a true integrated partner and part of our team throughout the process as well as helping us enhance our quality assurance approach both during and post project. The team are highly motivated, and it has been a positive and enjoyable experience to partner with them on this programme.”

There are extensive benefits from outsourcing testing for a project, programme or for the entire organisation. Outsourcing testing services bring long term consistency, economies of scale, improved time to market, reliability in delivery and overall reduction in costs.