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Non-functional requirements play a fundamental role in determining the overall success and user’s satisfaction of a software system. They define the qualities and attributes that a system must acquire.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to assist the capture of non-functional requirements. The template covers six critical aspects, such as performance, reliability and recoverability, security, usability, interoperability and data migration.

Performance: Focusing on system's responsiveness, efficiency, user interactions, workload and response times. Also, looking at peak load requirements and scalability. 

Reliability and Recoverability: For maintaining system stability and reducing downtime. Understanding the recovery methods and backup strategies to ensure the system can quickly bounce back from failures.
Security: To safeguarding sensitive data and protecting the system from unauthorised access. Looking at security requirements such as data encryption, vulnerability assessments and GDPR. 

NFR v1.0

Usability: Focusing on enhancing the user experience, accessibility features and navigation. 

Interoperability: Looking at the system's ability to integrate and interact seamlessly with other systems or components. Identifying data formats, protocols and third-party system integrations.

Data Migration: Understanding the scope of data migration, data mapping and data cleansing needs. 

This questionnaire template provides a thorough framework to gather key information across various non-functional attributes. By addressing these requirements, you can ensure the success and longevity of your software system will meet the highest standards of performance, security and user satisfaction.