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Identifying security vulnerabilities in applications has never been more important. Attacks are more frequent and more sophisticated than ever before.

The nFocus automated security testing service means you can test your applications and infrastructure with every release in a consistent and cost-effective way.

In this case study, we dive into how nFocus created repeatable and cost-effective way to identify security vulnerabilities in a multi-layer front end. nFocus effortlessly incorporated security testing into Agile and DevOps models, generating positive outcomes.

This document will cover the following areas: 

An Automated Approach to Security Testing: Testing framework, analysis techniques and assessments used to identify potential security weaknesses in the application. These approaches not only reduced the testing timeline but also ensured consistent and repeatable results.

Case Study - Paycare

Integration into Agile or DevOps Model: Worked closely with the client's development and operations teams. Security checks were performed at each stage of the development process to address vulnerabilities early.

The Outcome and Applicability: Safeguarding their digital assets and customer data with minimal effort.

nFocus' case study illustrates the importance of a well-planned and automated security testing strategy for multi-layer front-end applications.

Read on to find out how nFocus recommended an automated approach to security testing and embedded security testing into an Agile and DevOps model.