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We had the opportunity to engage with Octopus Labs to conduct a thorough Health Check review of their current situation.

Our engagement was geared towards providing a comprehensive assessment of their existing practices and identifying areas of improvement.

The case study explores the following areas:

Health Check Review: To uncover strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in their development.

The Current Situation: To understand their goals, challenges and aspirations to tailor our recommendations accordingly. 

How We Verified the Situation: To ensure the accuracy of our findings, we had frequent discussions with the key stakeholders, developers and team leads to gain firsthand perspectives on their processes and experiences. 

Gathering the Information: Data collection process where our team of experts engaged in a series of focused discussions and knowledge-sharing sessions to explore every aspect of their development. 

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Deliberation and Presenting Our Report: We distilled our observations into a detailed report, outlining areas that could benefit from improvement and a roadmap for Octopus Labs to achieve greater efficiency and productivity in their activities.

Steven Watson, Head of Quality Engineering: “We engaged nFocus to do a review of our testing processes across our distributed architecture, to give us an independent view, and highlight any improvements we could make. The process was very straightforward. Tony, our consultant asked good searching questions and he produced a report outlining practical steps that we can take to improve our testing processes.”