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The promise of Agile and Scrum delivering working software quickly and efficiently is being compromised by the variable quality of the resulting software. This has been caused in part by the challenges of integrating testing into the application lifecycle.

This white paper will address the challenges of embracing new ways of working and encouraging the adoption of Agile principles and Scrum practices. It will also emphasise the significance of test professionals in planning and clarifies the Agile vs. Scrum debate.

Which new ways of working testing professionals find difficult to embrace: We highlight the challenges testing professionals face in keeping up with the pace of change and maintaining their testing standards while embracing these new methodologies.

The challenges that can arise from teams being selective in adopting Agile principles and Scrum practices:

The Quality Challenges associated with implementing Agile & Scrum


We examine the implications of Agile implementations. 

The pitfalls that can come from test professionals not being influential enough in project and sprint planning: This section identifies the risks associated with overlooking testing considerations and showcases how involving testing experts in the early stages can mitigate issues.

Why people are asking Agile vs Scrum: The document will explain their distinctions and the core principles of Agile and Scrum methodologies.

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