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RDT provide insurance administration software systems and rating engine software.

Due to rapid expansion and a lack of historic investment in QA, RDT had a release and regression testing challenge. nFocus were selected to do an initial review and health check.

Find out how a testing health check enabled RDT to achieve more regular high-quality releases. 

In this case study, we cover:

  • Our approach from initial review to proof of concept
  • An assessment of RDT's testing processes at the time
  • An insight as to whether Coded UI could help RDT's QA Automation issues
Rob Grigg, Chief Technology Officer, RDT: “QA and testing specifically was the biggest impediment to RDT continuing to grow as a business and fulfilling our customer’s needs...
RDT Case Study

...We had lots of great engineering teams working well but because we could not achieve and sustain a regular high quality release process, we were struggling to get our great code in the hands of our customers. Nothing short of a complete rethink and reimplementation was going to help us. I had not worked with nFocus before but through my network they came highly recommended. In a very short period of time, we have turned our entire QA process around and are now on the road to full automation. It has been a tough project so far, but the nFocus team have risen to all the challenges I have thrown at them and achieved a fantastic result.”