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The modern world is evolving at an alarming rate. Change is now the norm. As devices and applications get more complex, the need for ‘right first time’ and ‘time to market’ becomes more and more imperative.

The way in which we develop and test has been modified to meet the new demands. 

When evaluating a partner, their technology competency details are important. However, this factor should also be viewed through a domain subject matter and if both fit, the partnership should be on the right road to being successful.

The chosen partner should provide the ability to flex the number of resources up and down within a time frame that is cost and time effective whilst ensuring appropriate knowledge transfer.

A key element in partnership is ensuring that all practices and processes carried out are fully transparent.

Five Things you should look for in Choosing a Testing Provider


A true partner should share ideas, processes, and ways of working – this can benefit any organisation, especially one that is technically immature. This way of working will uplift current technical and delivery methodologies to a more sophisticated and mature level, another value-add of working with a trusted partner.

Download this article to learn the five most important qualities to consider when choosing a testing provider and the five questions you must ask any provider.