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nFocus, partnered with Vision, a prestigious healthcare software company, to help them in providing testing solutions. Vision identified the need to improve their testing practices and sought the expertise of nFocus to achieve this goal. 

Both teams worked together to enhance the overall quality of Vision's software, particularly focusing on their mobile app testing capabilities. This involved testing the app's functionality, performance, user experience across different mobile devices.

nFocus also provided flexible testing resource under managed service, providing Vision with a flexible and scalable testing resource pool. This solution allowed Vision to expand their in-house testing team with additional resources as needed. It helped them to manage their workloads and meeting project deadlines more effectively. 


The combination of test automation and the managed service model brought cost benefits to Vision. Automation reduced the need for manual testing efforts, saving time and resources therefore avoiding unnecessary overhead costs. 

In conclusion, the partnership between nFocus and Vision successfully implemented an integrated approach to testing. This case study discusses the background to the engagement, the solutions delivered and the results achieved.

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